Voice Authentication
Simple To Use and Secure Voice Identity Verification For Every Language and Every Device. We license, sell as a service, and support our multi-modal voice and facial authentication solutions to customers around the world.

VoicePass has partnered with VoiceIt to deliver a three-stage voice authentication algorithm engine that produces results better than Nuance, Microsoft and all other competitors in the field. For even better results, VoicePass and VoiceIt have combined both voice and facial recognition algorithms that far surpass password and biometric based platforms.


VoicePass Voice & Facial Authentication Can Help Secure:

  • Online Identity Verification
  • Government Mobile Applications
  • Online Payment / E-Commerce
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Physical & Online Access

VoicePass Voice & Facial Authentication Technologies Achieve Best-In-Class Performance Results:

  • 3 Enrollment Samples In Any Language
  • Authentication In Under 1 Second
  • False Rejection Rate < 5%
  • False Acceptance Rate < 0.001%
  • Failure To Enroll Rate = 0%

Please contact us for a FREE 30-Day Trial and see how VoicePass can improve your security for online and physical access, mobile banking, healthcare, and related industries at a very affordable cost.


Artificial Intelligence
Please contact us to discuss how our patent pending artificial intelligence algorithms can benefit your company and customers.

Please contact us to discuss how our patent pending encryption algorithm can benefit your company and secure your customers data.